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The Fonz
January 27th, 2007, 05:05
Hey, I hate to sound like a total newb and bring up a subject that has already been brought up a billion times already, but I was playing FF7 on my psp, and beat the first disk a few days ago.

I looked around the forums and figured out the way to change disks was simply to replace the disk 1 EBOOT file with the disk 2 EBOOT file, so I did this, and it worked...Kind of.

Disk two works, but when I go to continue it doesn't have my saved file from disk one. Please could someone help me...I've gotten so deep into that game I'd hate to have to stop playing at this stage.

If anyone could give me some advice I'd be sooo appreciative.

January 27th, 2007, 05:21
the disc id has to be the same on disc 1, 2 and 3

The Fonz
January 27th, 2007, 05:49
Thanks a lot.

One more quick question though, I'm not sure if this is an obvious question or not so I apoligize if I am simply oblivious.

I got all the disks in a set, so I simply asssumed they would be compatible, is there anyway to find out the disk's id before actually going through the hastle of putting it onto the psp?

January 27th, 2007, 08:44
When you create the EBOOT.PBP with popstation and a GUI like PXS2PSP it will use the discs ID from the real CD as the save ID. This is normally no problem and this way you will never have a problem giving two games accidentally the same ID. However as these IDs were given away by discs (also different discs from the same game) and not by titles it is a problem on the PSP as this way all discs from the same title are for the PSPs save game manager an independent game.

The discs IDs from Fina Fantasy VII are:

SCUS94163;;[U];SCUS-94163;;;;PS1;Final Fantasy VII [Disc1of3]
SCUS94164;;[U];SCUS-94164;;;;PS1;Final Fantasy VII [Disc2of3]
SCUS94165;;[U];SCUS-94165;;;;PS1;Final Fantasy VII [Disc3of3]

I gave disc 2 and 3 the same ID as disc 1 when I created the EBOOT.PBP and everything was fine, I beat the whole game by now :)

The Fonz
January 27th, 2007, 18:12
Thanks so much guys, I owe you two big time :D