View Full Version : not widescreen display with original xbox games on my 360

AvengedSevenfold Fan
January 28th, 2007, 03:25
i have a widescreen plasma that i use my 360 with, and when i tried playing halo, it wouldnt play in wide screen, instead, there were two bars on each side. y is this and can i make it stop?

January 28th, 2007, 05:40
It's not a widescreen game. GOTO PS3 in the land of 1080p! Wait, Plasma's don't get 1080p. Hahaha, there's like one in the world that does. That sucks, go DLP with PS3

January 28th, 2007, 05:54
Yeah a good chunk of original xbox games don't support widescreen. Halo 1 being one of them.

AvengedSevenfold Fan
January 28th, 2007, 18:35
when i play halo on on my original xbox, it fills the whole screen though