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April 14th, 2005, 14:12
This is a thread for anyone else who wants to let off steam about the poor customer service from nuplayer.co.uk.

I'm not going to start ranting about them cos i'll never stop :)

April 15th, 2005, 11:25

I have also ordered a PSP with nuplayer, and while the delivery dates were, at best, optimistic (ordered on Friday, was supposed to be delivered on Monday, called Tuesday, was then supposed to be delivered on Thursday, still no sign of it!) I haven't found fault with the customer service.

They have always been polite and apologetic, the delays have been caused by a massive influx of orders. I just hope it arrives soon, because I'm an impatient bugger!

April 15th, 2005, 18:40
I have heard that they cann't keep up with demand, at one point they wern't even answering the phone (apparently). i ordered mine from Success-hk and cut out the middle men.

Mr Rant
July 11th, 2005, 19:26
This poem is called "where's my PSP?"

waited up for a delivery today
when i should have been snoring away (night shifts)
dead excited about getting my new computer game
but the sh*te suppliers put out that flame
yep where customer service is involved, my lucks always the f**king same

thought i'd check my credit card
give them an inch & they take a yard
theyv'e tried to take the payment twice
actually recieving the goods would be nice
they promised next day delivery
but i think it's just a gimmick, to squeeze a few more quid out of me

those cheeky c*nts at Nuplayer
always knew it would be a two-dayer
and when it finally arrives
i think i might just tell some lies
and say the bundled game's amiss
they took the piss so i'll take the piss


"where's my PSP. part two"

didn't turn up today either
spose it was to be expected
but the payments already been taken
and my patience truly tested
spoke to the company boss this morning
he seemed positive & upbeat
but now his receptionist keeps saying "hes just popped out to eat"
(for five hours)

i settle for one of the other gimps
who says "monday sir" to my total shock
then he changes it to "friday"
i now doubt they even have the stock

i asked the goon for a refund & he says "OK"
but i doubt it will be refunded today
i know when the sun shines you gotta make hay
but customers shouldnt be treated this way

pulling out the 'disputed purchase' forms
like i said before im so unlucky
but i gotta cover my arse
coz if forum feedback is anything to go by then Nuplayer will probably try to f*ck me.


Mr Rant
July 11th, 2005, 19:32
Guys, hope this helps when choosing who to buy from

I originally ordered with another supplier (the one mentioned in my previous post/poem) as they were a bit cheaper. Identical deals that were being offered at the time (packages have changed recently) with 10 difference, but what a difference a tenner makes.
Suffice to say that I have cancelled my order with the first merchant as it became apparent that their 'next day delivery guaranteed' didn't actually mean that you would get it the day after ordering, or the next day, or the next day; you get the picture (read my poem and other ppl's feedback for more of the same).

GIZMOCAVE: I ordered it from them this afternoon at approx 14:30. The guy I spoke to (Paul-top bloke might I add) called me back after I emailed him my phone number, and stayed on the phone with me whilst I went through the online ordering process, to make sure it went without a hitch. He then called me back personally after posting my parcel and gave me a tracking number (royal mail special delivery next day before 13:00) so that I can chase it online.
Ive ordered the new 'racing dreams pack' which they customised for me and they've also thrown in some extras to boot without adjusting the advertised price!!!! Obviously I haven't recieved the parcel yet but the level of service I have had so far has made me more than confident that it will be here tomorrow in full working order. Bearing in mind GIZMOCAVE's location and recent events in London I would have no problems if it didn't arrive tomorrow but either way I will update this reply so you know how the story ended.

(update: recieved it at 08:30 the day after ordering in perfect working order)

Other people have mentioned "pricey" & "too expensive". I say you get what you pay for!!! The difference in service I have recieved from GIZMOCAVE in comparison to the first merchant I tried has been well worth the few extra quid. The amount of money & time wasted on phone calls etc to my first choice of merchant probably worked out to be the difference in price anyway.

My advice is give them a ring, and while your at it let them know the guy with the poem sent you. They deserve the good press!!!!