View Full Version : DCemu Gears of War clan

February 8th, 2007, 14:32
would anyone be interest in joining a Gears of War clan, we could get a wee league going between us and a few other sites (QJ, dcemulation, etc)

February 8th, 2007, 21:23
gar, could i reserve a spot, probly getting broadband in next 2-4 months!

beetroot bertie
February 8th, 2007, 21:36
I'd be up for it although I'm not too hot at the game.

Should be getting my live subscription this weekend.

February 8th, 2007, 21:54
I think I would be up for it.

Send me an invite.

Gamertag: SirListerofSmeg

February 8th, 2007, 22:09
does anyone want to change there forum name to there gamer tag, it would be easier that way.

February 9th, 2007, 01:38
I would be willing to join and I am really good.

February 9th, 2007, 06:57
Yeah, count me in.

But I'm more of a casual player. Not that I suck mind you, I'm just irregular with playing the game.

February 9th, 2007, 10:46
you sure did suck last night

beetroot bertie
February 9th, 2007, 13:32
does anyone want to change there forum name to there gamer tag, it would be easier that way.

I don't mind changing my forum name, but how do I go about doing so. I couldn't find anything in the User CP?

February 9th, 2007, 13:32
just ask me and i will do it

edit: i just did it ;)

beetroot bertie
February 9th, 2007, 15:59
Ta very much :D

February 9th, 2007, 22:19
I'm going to have to hold off from joining. My 360 has decided it was time to crap out on me. It freezes after a certain time of it being on. :( I called that 4myxbox number and they said that my warrenty was still good so I have to wait for them to send me a box to send it back. They said it would take about 10 days before I got it back. So I say I should be ready to go in about 2 weeks. I've had it since the first week of the launch. I guess it was about time.

Until then, I'll be enjoying some retro goodness on the PSP. :)

Gamertag: SirListerofSmeg

February 10th, 2007, 19:10
put your tag in your sig...

March 4th, 2007, 02:14
send me an invite:) ill be honored:D
GT: S1L3N7 S1K0

March 4th, 2007, 02:20
Heck yeah! I've been askin people, but they never answer.

March 5th, 2007, 04:53
Count me in, just got me xbox 360 fixed so im in.

gamertag = Kaslover

March 5th, 2007, 21:52
Oh yeah, forgot to post my Gamertag:


Dont forget thet capitol "i" where the l would be, someone already took my name :mad: .

Send me an invite, if I cant tell who it is send a message too :)

March 7th, 2007, 17:46
hah QJ vs DCEMU i'd pay good money to watch that!

knight of video game
April 13th, 2007, 15:10
is gears of war really good online? i didnt think it was that good