View Full Version : Is there a way to patch the game save directly?

February 9th, 2007, 23:33
So here's the deal.

i have been playing final fantasy 9 and i have gotten to late in disc 1. until one day my friend accidentally deleted it. (don't ask me how, i really don't know) anyway i tried to rip the game again with no luck it just kept saying that there way an unreadable sector, and woult tell me that it quit. So i called my friend and he said that he would give me a copy of his eboot.

all is well now except the game save i had before is no longer usable.

I have tried everything from patching the eboot to extracting the iso manually and converting it again, with no luck at all.

i am hoping someone has come across a way to patch the actual gamesaves. all i would need to patch is the Id of the game and i really wish it is possible.

if there is a way to hex edit it i would gladly try it, if someone would teach me how, of course.

anyway thanks, and praise the heavens for bestowing DA with such amazing skills.