View Full Version : Question about MVSPSP 1.7.0

February 13th, 2007, 18:43

I have a little problem getting into the MVS configurations menu for the games, where you can change the difficulty, the time and so on.
Normally you just turn on the DIP switch for that menu and reset the game, change the settings, deactivate the switch again and do another reset.
But in MVSPSP the emulator forces a complete reload of the game when I just activate the DIP switch for that menu and popup window appears first telling me that the emulation has to restart. The problem is, that after that the game just starts again and the DIP switch is deactivated again, so right now I can't get into the menu.

So is it not possible the usual way in MVSPSP 1.7.0 or not possible at all?


OK, just a short time after I wrote this I remembered the answer myself, in MVSPSP you don't get into this menu the normal way (the way I described is how you would do it on a real MVS) but by just pressing L+R+Select.