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February 13th, 2007, 21:24
This is a step by step tutorial on how to use the new v3.03 downgrader.

So, you just got your PSP and you find out it's a dreaded v3.03 TA-082/TA-08 motherboard. Well, good news! There is a v3.03 downgrader for all motherboards.

It includes all file downloads and instructions. You will need WinZip and WinRar to extract the files. ;)

Warning: Use of this downgrader could brick your PSP. While it is unlikely when used correctly, all modifications to the PSP's internal flash carry a small risk. Please use with care. I take no responsibility to damage done to your PSP.

If your motherboard has "IC1003" on the right, it's a TA-082/TA-086 motherboard:

You can also use a TA-079/TA-081 PSP with the downgrader. A TA-079/TA-081 PSP has markings on the left "IC1006".


- Original GTA LCS (any region), which should have the 2.00 update on the disc. No ISO's, no patched UMD's, and no GTA: VCS. Click Here (http://pspupdates.qj.net/How-to-find-a-Homebrew-Friendly-version-of-GTA-LCS-Updated/pg/49/aid/58178) to check if you have a patched UMD or not.


- A v3.03 PSP

Step 1 - Update to v3.03

Click Here (http://dl.qj.net/PSP-Firmware-3.03-PSP/pg/12/fid/11844/catid/163) to download the v3.03 firmware update.

Open the zip file. Connect your PSP to your computer via USB or card reader.

- Once connected, make the folder called "UPDATE" in the Game folder.

- Put the 3.03 (eboot.pbp) from the (.zip) file into the UPDATE folder on your memory stick.

So now you have:
X:\PSP\Game\UPDATE\eboot.pbp (X is the PSP drive)

Be sure to put in your AC power adapter. Then on your PSP go to:
GAME --> Memory stick --> v3.03 Update

Once at 3.03 firmware, reformat your memory stick.

Step 2 - Get the needed files

- Download 3.03 Downgrader Package (http://dl.qj.net/dl.php?fid=12431) and copy the contents of the folder MS_ROOT from the 3.03 downgrader ZIP to the memory stick.

- Download 3.03 HEN (Homebrew Enabler) (http://dl.qj.net/dl.php?fid=12430) and copy the contents of the MS_ROOT folder to the root of your memorystick

- Download 1.5 Update Eboot (http://dl.qj.net/dl.php?fid=163) and rename the EBOOT.PBP to UPDATE.PBP and copy it to X:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/ . DO NOT OVERWRITE PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP. You must rename.

So now you should have the following files in those directories:




Step 3 - Start Homebrew Enabler (HEN)

- Plug in your AC adapter and make sure you have a battery charge of atleast 75%

- Load the unpatched UMD of GTA LCS

- It should get to loading savegame, then the PSP will do the following:
Black Screen + Light Blue Colour Screen + Automatic Restart
(If its not successful the first time, KEEP TRYING)

- Check that HEN is running by going to system settings, then to "System Information" and it should show up as system version 3.03 HEN.

Step 4 - Downgrading to v1.50

- If it is showing up as 3.03 HEN then go to GAME --> Memory Stick and run the X.YZ update.


- If you have a TA-082 or higher motherboard, you will be prompted to allow the downgrader to patch your motherboard so it can be safely downgraded. The downgrader will not let you proceed without patching, if your motherboard requires it.

- Before the downgrader does anything to your PSP it will ask for you to agree to what it is doing, if you no longer want to continue press the Right Shoulder Button (R-TRIGGER).

- If you agree, make sure you have your AC adapter plugged in and your battery is charged atleast 75%

- Once finished the PSP will ask you to press X, and reset itself

- A "settings are corrupt screen" will show, press "O" button to continue, this will mean you will need to re-enter the settings like you've bought your PSP for the first time

- If the "settings corrupt screen" doesn't show up, load the included NetConfigBackup application from GAME --> Memory Stick, and select restore.

- You should now have a 1.5 PSP

- REORMAT YOUR MEMORY STICK, if you try to play GTA LCS while you still have the savegame files then it results in a semi-brick.

- You should now have a 1.5 PSP

Step 5 - Upgrading to Custom Firmware (3.10 OE-A)
Download the easy installer to go from 1.50 to 3.10 OE-A:

Make sure you have No UMD's in the drive, and again plug in your AC adapter. Battery must be charged atleast 75%.

Copy 310OEflasher and 310OEflasher% folders to X:\PSP\GAME

Then, on your PSP, run the updater from:

Game --> Memory stick --> 3.10 OE-A Firmware Install
You may re-format your memory stick after this upgrade.

Step 6 - Where to Place the files
Place your ISO's in X:/ISO (X is the letter of your PSP drive)
Place your homebrew in X:/PSP/GAME150 (X is the letter of your PSP drive)

You may need to create some of these folders.

February 14th, 2007, 16:19
nice guide it should really help all the noobs out there! :thumbup:

and btw no mentioning isos on these forums...

February 17th, 2007, 07:39
Hi sorry, your tutoral is incomplete.

When you say:

- Download 3.03 Downgrader Package and copy the contents of the folder MS_ROOT from the 3.03 downgrader ZIP to the memory stick.

This seems very vague - as you give no indication of where to actually place the contents of MS_ROOT from this zip package on the memory stick. You just say that I should 'download it to the memory stick'.

This is especially confusing, because if I were to extract the contents of MS_ROOT directory (given that the contents of this directory contains a folder called 'PSP') from 3.03 HEN.zip to the root of my memory stick, this would overwrite an already existant directory called 'PSP' that is already present on my memory stick.

Similarly if I were to extract the contents of the 3.03 Downgrader.zip MS_ROOT directory to the root of my PSP, this would cause the directory called 'PSP' on my memory stick to be overwritten yet again - which clearly I cannot see the logic in doing.

Also confusingly, the contents of both of these packages appear almost identical - so it is difficult to see where each of the folders and directories they contain could be placed on the PSP without causing them to overwrite each other.

Could someone please possibly consider giving a screenshot walk through showing exactly where to place each of these folders in these zip files and give some small indication of the relevance of the images? It is hard to gain a clear idea of directory structure from the flat folder view listed on this forum. It would be much more useful to be able to see a much more traditional Windows explorer type tree view.

February 20th, 2007, 08:30
when u overwrite the "psp" folder it leaves everything intact... overwrites files of the same name... and adds files that are not there to begin with....
So if you drag the "psp" folder to the root of ur memory stick it will copy the relevent files but it wont remove anything that is already there.

February 20th, 2007, 20:51
This is actually the tutorial I used to get on 3.03 oe-c, too bad its not his. But thanks for sharing.