View Full Version : DS Application for baby and toddler, possible or too hard to code?

February 16th, 2007, 04:38
Hey guys, I recently introduced my girlfriend's little sister (2 years old) to my DS and let her draw on the touch screen and made her play with Electroplankton. She love the last plankton game that can record and play back and she have full conversation with the little plankton dude for hours (trust me, I am the one pressing record most of the time;)) She even show her favorite toy to the character and telling him to look. Lol it's so cute.

It gave me the idea to look around for simple game that she could play but the only thing I came accross is an app called LeoToddler but it's too advanced for her since it only teach alphabet and stuff like that. Plus, it's in english and we speak french around here. I see that the dev is planning a leobaby but I really can't find any contact info.

My idea is probably not too hard for a dev and would be really useful imo for alot of young parent out there. I'm thinking of a small apps that would read an .ini file on your flashcart and display the content on the ds. What it would do is display 3 pictures on the touch screen, play an mp3 or wav telling the question, let the kid pick the right image by touching the screen with the stilus.

It would be really useful as anyone could change the content of the program (no language barrier) and teach their kid to use the stilus while still learning something.

Example of ini content:

Q1: ''Question to ask the kid''*P1:''folder/Pic1.jpg''; P2:''folder/pic2.jpg'';P3:''folder/pic3.jpg''*Answer:''P2'';If choice = P2 play ''folder/Youareright.mp3''
Q2:.... an so on

So basicly, the program would read the ini, pick the first question, display the 3 images (stored in a folder on the flashcart), play the mp3 file listed in the ini for that particular question, and let the kid touch the picture. If the picture is the wrong one, it play another mp3 telling the kid that the answer was wrong an try again until he get it right and then play another mp3 telling something like Good job and it goes to the next question. It could also have a funny character on the top screen and whenever the answer is right, he do a little dance or something,

Now it must sound pretty dumb to some of you, but I''m sure alot of geeky parent with DS would love it as I foudn a couple of post on the net by people looking for some apps their little kids could play. So tell me what you think, I would be really happy to do it but I'm no programmer unfortunatly.

Thanks and sorry for the long post!