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February 17th, 2007, 17:41
Ok, I have a TA-82 w/ the 2.80 firmware. Now I've read the instructions and done everything asked to do and either I did it wrong or I dont know what's suppsed to happen. First thing I did was format my mem. stick then connected my psp via usb to my computer. Second I gathered the Hen 280, the TA-82 downgrader, and the Eboot 1.50. After that I copied the file within the MS ROOT in the Hen folder which is a PSP folder to the root of the stick, it asked me if I want to replace and I said yes. Now I open the downgrader file and I'm supposed to copie the contents within the MSROOT which is also a psp folder to the root of my memory stick and it ask me if I wnat to replace it and I click yes. Last I rename the EBOOT.PDP file to UPDATE.PDP and copy that to the PSP/GAME/UPADTE folder. Now I unplug my usb connect. and go to the photo and I'm suposed to enter in the hen 280 (which is there) and I hit enter and all that happens is a picture of a big hen pops out nothing else. I guess my screen was supposed to change colors but no. That didn't work so I read and if it is a TA-82 I'm supposed to go and run the TA 82 IDStorage Change and it supposed to get my psp ready for downgrading but all it says is The game could not be started.(80020148). Another thing the file PSP Update ver XYZ is in red dont know if thats good or bad thought I should bring it up. OK this is what I'm dealing with and befor I try to downgrade I want to know if I'm doing everything right. Please Help, I don't wanna brick my psp. Thanks and I hope I made this topic clear and easy to understand what I'm saying.

February 18th, 2007, 03:00
the game cannot be started is because you haven't got the image file to run properly. Until it makes the screen change colour NOTHING under game,memory stick wil work.

And the icon for X.YZ is supposed to be red. Personally if i owned gta:lcs then i would use the 3.03 downgrader which is much mor reliable.