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February 18th, 2007, 16:59
Hi ppl,

I have this min downloaded the files from the M3 Adapter site for my M3 DS Simple.

When downloading the files the download rate was very slow. So i have downloaded all the files from the site and uploaded it to my webspace for users that would like to download the files at a nice high speed.

If you know what file you are after click the links below:

Full Installation Package: Download (http://blackhole-storage.net/php/downloads.php?cat_id=5&download_id=19)
Console Software v1.02: Download (http://blackhole-storage.net/php/downloads.php?cat_id=5&download_id=20)
Moonshell V1.2: Download (http://blackhole-storage.net/php/downloads.php?cat_id=5&download_id=21)

Here is the link to my M3 DS Simple Download Page if you are wanting Rom Trimmer, M3 DS Save Transform etc

M3 DS Simple Files (http://blackhole-storage.net/php/downloads.php?cat_id=5)

If you want the link to my M3 DS Simple download page removed please ask and i will remove.

So please dont start moaning at me.

Main reason for hosting the files is for my friends but i thought there may be people on this site that would like to know the address for downloading...

May 3rd, 2007, 18:51
Hi PPl, Only saying if you view the M3 DS Simple Download section you will See the new V1.04 Final for the m3 ds. You will also see more applcations for your DS so come along and get downloading....

Here is Link Address:

M3 DS Simple V1.04 (http://blackhole-storage.net/php/downloads.php?cat_id=5&download_id=24)

Site Address for download section

Blackhole - Storage .Net (http://blackhole-storage.net)