View Full Version : Is this possible??

February 18th, 2007, 17:32
hey all.

i was wondering if this would work to run any type of well anything.

first you attach an external hd

( I am not sure if this is right but i have heard that you can use some sort of trick with a mem stick or xbox mem stick to trick the xbox 360 into thinking that a media center pc is attached which would be cool)

then you use the media center thingy and somehow ftp your external

now you use the media center browser to load a flash game or java emulator with a config to change the buttons.

could this work......?
or a form of it........?

does the MC browser load flash? cus that could be fixed and then we could play miniclip games r sumin


sorry i hae no clue about xbox 360 homebrew......if there is any!:(