View Full Version : Power Charging Cradle for PSP Released

April 19th, 2005, 17:39
News from <a href="http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?products_id=6022&lsaid=219793" target="_blank" >Lik Sang</a>

<BLOCKQUOTE>Charge your PSP while showing it off inside this display stand. The PSP Charging Cradle includes a connection at the back for connecting your PSP power adapter or USB cable and also has a light in the front which illuminates when the charger is connected.</BLOCKQUOTE>

<img src="http://image.lik-sang.com/images//large/psp-charge-cradle.jpg">

April 21st, 2005, 18:07
now i might have to get that.

god i have a couple of nights off and theres LOADs that i've missed :(

April 21st, 2005, 19:00
Really cool gadget.