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April 19th, 2005, 18:19
April 19, 2005ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' TrailsSony Computer EntertainmentRacing
April 19, 2005Hellboy (UMD Video)Sony Pictures EntertainmentVideo
April 19, 2005Once Upon A Time in Mexico (UMD Video)Sony Pictures EntertainmentVideo
April 19, 2005Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse (UMD Video)Sony Pictures EntertainmentVideo
April 19, 2005The House of Flying Daggers (UMD Video)Sony Pictures EntertainmentVideo
April 19, 2005XXX (UMD Video)Sony Pictures EntertainmentVideo
April 25, 2005FIFA SoccerElectronic ArtsSports
April 25, 2005MVP BaseballElectronic ArtsSports
April 25, 2005NBA Street ShowdownElectronic ArtsSports
May 3, 2005Hot Shots Golf: Open TeeSony Computer EntertainmentSports Action
May 3, 2005Rengoku: The Tower of PurgatoryKonamiAction
May 10, 2005Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone ComplexSony Computer EntertainmentAction
May 19, 2004Star Wars: Revenge of the SithUbisoftAction
Spring 2005Colin McRae Rally 2005CodemastersRacing
Spring 2005Hero (UMD Video)Buena Vista Home EntertainmentVideo
Spring 2005Kill Bill Vol. 1 (UMD Video)Buena Vista Home EntertainmentVideo
Spring 2005Midnight Club 3: DUB EditionRockstar GamesRacing
Spring 2005MX Unleashed [untitled PSP edition]THQRacing
Spring 2005National Treasure (UMD Video)Buena Vista Home EntertainmentVideo
Spring 2005Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (UMD Video)Buena Vista Home EntertainmentVideo
Spring 2005Pro Race Driver 2CodemastersRacing
Spring 2005Reign of Fire (UMD Video)Buena Vista Home EntertainmentVideo
June 1, 2005Ys VI: The Ark of NapishtimKonamiRPG
June 6, 2005Frogger: Helmet Havoc KonamiPuzzle ActionJ
une 21, 2005Armored Core Formula FrontFromSoftwareAction Simulation
June 28, 2005Coded ArmsKonamiShooter
Summer 2005House of the Dead (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
Summer 2005National Lampoon's Van Wilder (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
Summer 2005Open Water (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
Summer 2005Rambo: First Blood (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
Summer 2005Saw (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
Summer 2005Stargate (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
Summer 2005Step Into Liquid (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
Summer 2005Terminator 2: Judgement Day (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
Summer 2005The Punisher (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
Summer 2005Total Recall (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
Summer 2005Universal Solider (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
Summer 2005Young Guns (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
July 26, 2005Death Jr.KonamiAction Adventure
July 2005Batman BeginsElectronic ArtsAction
August 1, 2005Madden NFL 2006Electronic ArtsSports
August 12, 2005Advent ShadowMajescoAction
Summer 2005Free RunningEidos InteractiveRacing Action
Summer 2005Grand Theft AutoRockstar GamesAction
Summer 2005Prince of Persia: Warrior WithinUbisoftAction Adventure
Summer 2005StackedMyelin MediaCard
September 1, 2005Gran Turismo 4 MobileSony Computer EntertainmentRacing
Fall 2005BloodRayneMajescoAction
Fall 2005Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the ImperfectsElectronic ArtsFighting
Fall 2005Pac-Man World 3NamcoAction
Fall 2005SpongeBob SquarePants Multiplayer [working title]THQParty
Fall 2005The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The WardrobeBuena Vista GamesAction Adventure
Fall 2005The Incredibles 2 [working title]THQAction
October 4, 2005The GodfatherElectronic ArtsAction
October 12, 2005Infected*TBAAction
November 2005Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireElectronic ArtsAction Adventure
December 14, 2005King KongUbisoftAction
TBA 2005Action Girlz Racing*TBARacing
TBA 2005Activision AnthologyActivisionCompilation
TBAApe Escape AcademiaSony Computer EntertainmentParty
TBA 2005Autobahn Cross-roads*TBAOther
TBA 2005Axel Impact International*TBARacing
TBA 2005Azaya - Jungle Bowl Champions*TBAStrategy
TBA 2005Battle Blades*TBAAction
TBA 2005BBG*TBAMusic
TBA 2005Big Choppers*TBARacing
TBA 2005Big Mutha Truckers 2*TBARacing
TBA 2005Board Games GalleryPhoenix Games Ltd. [UK / NL]Board
TBA 2005BombermanHudson SoftPuzzle Action
TBA 2005Car Jacker*TBARacing
TBA 2005Card Shark 3Phoenix Games Ltd. [UK / NL]Card
TBA 2005Clusterball 2*TBAAction
December 31, 2005Command & ConquerElectronic ArtsStrategy
TBA 2005Crazy Racing Kart Rider*TBARacing Action
TBA 2005Dance Mat Challenge*TBAMusic
TBA 2005Devil May Cry SeriesCapcomAction
TBA 2005Dino Dini's SoccerSports Action
TBA 2005Dragon Ball ZAtariFighting
TBA 2005Electronic Arts PSP Title 10 [untitled project]Electronic ArtsOther
TBA 2005Electronic Arts PSP Title 11 [untitled project]Electronic ArtsOther
TBA 2005Electronic Arts PSP Title 8 [untitled project]Electronic ArtsOther
TBA 2005Electronic Arts PSP Title 9 [untitled project]Electronic ArtsOther
TBA 2005F1 Grand PrixSony Computer EntertainmentRacing
TBA 2005Far East of EdenHudson SoftRPG
TBA 2005Fighting SpiritsSony Computer EntertainmentFighting
TBA 2005Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenSquare EnixVideo
TBA 2005Fired UpSony Computer EntertainmentAction
TBA 2005Habitrail Hamster Ball*TBAAction
TBAJeff Corwin ExperienceConspiracy EntertainmentAdventure
TBA 2005Jnr Sports BASKETBALL*TBASports
TBA 2005Jnr Sports HOCKEY*TBASports
TBA 2005Joe*TBAAction
TBA 2005Jungle Bowl Legends*TBASports
TBA 2005Kumo nofu -Raibo-SuccessAdventure
TBA 2005Makkai WarsNippon Ichi SoftwareStrategy RPG
TBA 2005MediEvil ResurrectionSony Computer EntertainmentAction Adventure
TBA 2005Metal Shell*TBAAction
TBA 2005Mobile Suit GundamBandaiAction
TBA 2005Monster Gate Shooting Meikyu TansakuKonamiOther
TBA 2005Myth Makers Karting*TBARacing Action
TBA 2005Namco MuseumNamcoCompilation
TBA 2005Ninja Bunny Warriors*TBAAction
TBA 2005Offroad Xtreme*TBARacing
TBA 2005Powerful Pro Baseball PSPKonamiSports
TBA 2005Pro Wrestling*TBAWrestling
TBA 2005Project Interceptor*TBAFlight
TBA 2005Project PSP RacingPlaylogic InternationalRacing
TBA 2005Project SSEGAOther
TBA 2005Pursuit ForceSony Computer EntertainmentRacing Action
TBA 2005Riding Spirits: Revolution SpikeRacing
TBA 2005Rig Racing*TBARacing
TBA 2005Romance of the Three Kingdoms VKOEIStrategy
TBA 2005Sho MateSuccessBoard
TBA 2005Sidhe Interactive PSP Title [untitled project]*TBAOther
TBA 2005Space Invaders PocketTaitoShooter
TBA 2005Sprint Madness*TBARacing
TBA 2005Sticky Balls*TBAPuzzle
TBA 2005Super Robot WarsBanprestoStrategy RPG
TBA 2005Surreal Software PSP Title 1 [untitled project]*TBAOther
TBA 2005Syphon Filter: Logan's ShadowSony Computer EntertainmentShooter
TBA 2005Tales of EterniaNamcoRPG
TBA 2005Tantei Shinguji SantarouWorkJamAdventure
TBA 2005Tenchi no MonSony Computer EntertainmentAction
TBA 2005THQ PSP Title 1 [untitled project]THQOther
TBA 2005THQ PSP Title 2 [untitled project]THQOther
TBA 2005THQ PSP Title 3 [untitled project]THQOther
TBA 2005Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zone Of ControlGenkiRacing
TBA 2005Tomy PSP ActionTomy EntertainmentAction
TBA 2005Transformers (PSP) [spec title]AtariAction
TBA 2005Vegas Casino 2Phoenix Games Ltd. [UK / NL]Casino
TBA 2005Viewtiful Joe: VFX BattleCapcomFighting
TBA 2005Visual Impact PSP Title 1 [untitled project]*TBAAction Adventure
TBA 2005Vulcanus Online*TBAAction
TBA 2005Winning Eleven PSPKonamiSports
TBA 2005World Championship Snooker 2005SEGABoard
TBA 2005WRCSony Computer EntertainmentRacing
TBA 2005ZoooSuccessPuzzle
Q1 2006Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 4UbisoftAction
2006Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIISquare EnixAction RPG
TBA 2006High Tension (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
TBA 2006Saw 2 (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
TBA 2006The Devil's Rejects (UMD Video)Lions Gate EntertainmentVideo
TBA 2006Tomb Raider: LegendEidos InteractiveAction
TBA 2006Waiting (UMD Video)

April 19th, 2005, 20:13
Are Japanese releases included in this as well?

April 19th, 2005, 20:16
i would say not judging by the names etc

April 19th, 2005, 20:18
star wars and harry potter are the 2 i want

April 19th, 2005, 20:28
waiting for tomb raider and gran turismo...
...not quite sure how Dance Mat Challenge will work

April 19th, 2005, 20:52
may change my mind with the UMDs, T2, Total Recall and Universal Soldier :D Legends :D also i see Winning Eleven in there ... PRO EVO :D YAY - i guess FIFA will have to do for a while

April 20th, 2005, 02:34
Yes those deffanity are US release. Since Tales of Eternia is already out in Jap. It's like my most played PSP game I own. It's funny how there gonna call it Tales of Eternia on PSP in America after they already named the orginal PSone version Tales of Destiny 2. I guess they wanna correct that since there is a PS2 game thats truly the sequal to TOD called TOD2. That way if they ever bring the real TOD2 to America it wont conflict. Though its doubtfull that tod2 comes out here.

Also the titles arent as promising as I thought they'd be.
Devil May Cry, Japanese ys6, Gt4 Jap, and probably alot of umd movies. UMD movies are only $12 everywhere and i've had 3 ebgames stores tell me that panasonic will be making DVD players with UMD playback.