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April 20th, 2005, 14:53
afternoon guys. another nub nub asking to be help by the hand im sorry to say.

Just bought a DC (alwasy wnted one) off ebay, no games with it, but i did manage to find a way to get some roms to work on it. The file (and procedure stated to follow burning) says its a selfboot cd so i understood it that i don't need a bootcd to run it. but it does not work. (if im breaking any rules here, talking of roms and boot cd's im sorry)

Also, my bootcd i found off the web doesn't work. now is it due to the fact i burnt it like a nub nub (burnt a nero and JD image), or is my dc knackered. I put the disc in, switch on dc and it loads up the screen, get the 4 icons and every now an then onscreen it states 'checking disc' but does nothing else. when i try play the cd it just flickers that msg and stays on the main menu

any an all help to raise my profile from fummbling nub nub would be muchly appreciated.

-just been reading. is it due to the fact that i burnt the cd's at 8x. that is the lowest spd my drive will burn the JD.

if so, how to i get it to burn slower. sony dv9 dvd r is my drive

April 20th, 2005, 15:12
when you say roms do you mean you trying to burn e.g. a snes emulator with roms or commercial dreamcast games (which is against forum rules, No Warez)

btw when it comes to homebrew there is a huge free and legal amount of game... try dcevo.com for ready to burn cdi images (which can be converted to nero images with a program called cdi2nero), and i find the speed i burn it at does not matter... i think thats a myth

April 20th, 2005, 15:43
Hi. no nothing illegal. i believe if u wnt to play it, buy it.

cheers for info.