View Full Version : Is It me? Or do R&C servers suck HARDCORE?

March 12th, 2007, 02:05
I really hate it that i can't even Join much less Finish a game... I currently have ~7mbps Fiber Optics connection and i think i should at least be able to play a game or two for $45$ a month. all the other games i have NEVER hang or disconnect.

I am wondering is this a problem that not only i have experienced. Please tell me.

Are we being ripped off by money-hungry company's that use suck-ass servers so they can save a few extra bucks for their own greedy wallets?

Sorry if i sound harsh or something but i believe that if a company sells you rights to play a game, you should get ALL the rights to play it.

Also if anybody knows where I could complain about the servers to, please direct me there.