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April 29th, 2005, 20:43
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<BLOCKQUOTE>While soccer enthusiasts wait for the inevitable FIFA 2006 and the eventual Winning Eleven 9, games industry giant Electronic Arts took time to dedicate its focus on a mobile incarnation of the most acclaimed genre icon in existence: FIFA Soccer, now on PSP. A truly wholesome sports experience in itself, this title delivers all the series is known for, plus more: battle your way through challenging modes in a Mid-Season scenario, while you listen and watch music content via a newly designed built-in player and go head-to-head wireless with full WiFi capabilities, allowing you to be ready for any player. Advanced controls and gorgeous visuals top off a soccer game that's perfectly portable, successfully delivering console quality to Sony's fantastic handheld. While we'll go into depth about all the great features below, you might want to start by watching this explosive game in action with these videos:

We are glad to announce that FIFA Soccer has arrived on PSP and is shipping within 24 hours for just US$ 59.90. For all of you that preordered this mobile soccer gem: rejoice, your parcels are on their way to you while you read these lines. New orders are of course very welcome too, FIFA Soccer is of course eligible for our Free Shipping Worldwide promotion.

As far as modes go, this edition of FIFA offers a Mid-Season special, which consists of current stats of this year's events. Play either through full season (using stats before 2004 even began)or try to score in Mid-Season mode, where the international league kicks off again at the 2004/2005 halfway nexus, complete with updated stats and standings. New, exciting content lets players relive the drama of soccer heroes, with the added benefit of tweaked challenges: doing your best to fight off your club's most hated rival or trying to put a declining team back on track towards the top is the name of the game here. With more than 350 league and team licences, FIFA Soccer sure boasts comprehensive background data, which will keep you busy for months to come!

Challenge mode also relies on individualized situations, giving gamers the opportunity to revisit classic FIFA matches in three collections of historical soccer events, organized by Comeback, Route and Custom. Expect to face a number of gripping real matches each, while with Tournament and Custom Tournament it's time to go campaigning. Instead of finding the usual Party option, all available modes in FIFA Soccer for PSP are WiFi multiplayer enabled! It's not about kicking it like Beckham anymore, take on a friend and show off your own skills; certainly one of the features that will be most cherished by gamers on the go. Allowing for an enhanced view of the action, the 16x9 widescreen and the tweaked gameplay camera provide never-before-seen visual splendor on a handheld. Saving got a twist as well: as soon as you fire up your PSP again, the game resumes with a ten seconds roll-in to prepare you for picking up your match exactly where you left it off before.

You can earn points in every mode of the game, which are exchangable for lots of stuff, the most intriguing represent PocketTRAX music files. The driving soundtrack of FIFA has always been particularly notable (get an idea by viewing the movies above). In the PSP version it's candy for ears and eyes this time, think running video from recording artists plus team logos and other material from the soccer universe, arranged to spice up the in-game music, kind of WinAmp style. The developers also ported the diverse controls needed for a true FIFA stint successfully to the handheld. Moving your soccer alter ego about the screen with the PSP's stick, you use the D-pad to manage "first touch", directing your pass to another team mate, while attempting to put an approaching defender at a disadvantage. IGN stated that the adjusted system might even be "a necessary evolution of the series", so FIFA veterans will adapt to the new situation in a breeze.

Graphically, it's clear that EA Canada's Team Fusion was striving to make the player models as detailed as possible (including realistic animations and crisp close-ups) and found a way to capture the energetic atmosphere of massive stadiums packed with enthusiastic fans. It's all here in Fifa Soccer for PSP: portable, deeply engaging soccer fun, bursting with fresh features and visuals to die for; a sure hit not to be missed.</BLOCKQUOTE>

April 30th, 2005, 02:27
/me gets it tomorrow (saturday), well i fookin better do anyways, i paid next-day delivery g0ddamnnit :p