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April 30th, 2005, 02:09

<b><font size="4">USB Transfer/Recharge Cable (2in1) Review

<P>This item of hardware for the PSP is an essential one combining
a USB Data Transfer cable with a USB Charger in one cheap
item, heres the description and a few screenshots.</P>
<p> <a href="http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?products_id=6572&lsaid=219793" target="_blank" >Lik
Sang</a> US$ 6.95 (~3.65 GBP)</p>
<p><img src="http://psp-news.dcemu.co.uk/psp-2in1-usbcable.jpg" width="300" height="364"></p>
<p>Mobile gaming just got more convenient! Transfer data (MP3,
video, images, etc) from your PC or Mac to the PSP. Recharge
your PSP on the go with this handy USB Recharger Cable. It's
easy to use and just needs to be plugged into any USB port
on a computer or notebook.</p>
<p><b> Features</b></p>
<p>-Recharge your PSP<br>
-Transfer data to and from your PSP<br>
-Works with all PSP systems worldwide<br>
<p><b>The Review Itself</b></p>
<p>The PSP is a great console, you can store MP3s, Movies and
Photos and even from certain sites Game Saves can be transferred
onto the PSP and if you dont have a wireless system set up
you are going to need a cable that can transfer the data between
your PC to your PSP and this cable does exactly that. </p>
<p>Firstly there are a few instructions on the box itself and
they tell you to turn your PC off then connect the cable to
the PSP Usb Port and also the Charge Port. Next Step connect
the cable to the PC, now you can connect via a USB hub or
directly into a USB port on your PC, if you connect to a hub
(as i did) it will throw up a window saying you are connecting
a high speed USB device to a slow speed hub but dont worry
about that, it basically means that the cable prefersa USB
2.0 connection but it works perfectly on USB 1.0 etc.</p>
<p>The first thing youll notice when starting your PC is that
the orange charging light is on and the system boasts a 3
hour charge time from this cable and im happy to confirm that
it indeed does charge in 3 hours.</p>
<p>Entering windows youll notice that the PSP isnt autodetected
until you turn the PSP power on so do that once you enter
Windows, when you power up the PSP it will detect the device
right away and installs the drivers and then your ready to
use it, its as simple as that. (im on Windows XP but i would
think that older versions of Windows like Millenium would
work ok too).</p>
<p>The transfer speed even using the slower speed USB hub was
very fast, my PSP went into sleep mode while doing it (Charging
too), i was very impressed with the speed of transfer infact
it was faster than any of my MP3 players so another big thumbs
up there. </p>
<p>The Cable itself is of solid design and obviously well made
so no worrys about it falling to bits after a short time of
usage. </p>
The most essential item for your PSP that money can buy, not
only can you transfer your Game Saves, Movies, MP3s and Photos
over via the Cable but you can also charge your console at
the same time, installation was very easy, all in all an excellent
buy. The price is well worth it at $6.95 too.</p>
<p>Overall i would give it a 10/10 (yes its that good

William Smith
May 1st, 2005, 10:08
Bought one off Ebay from a UK source and was very disappointed the plug was such a tight fit in the PSP charging hole I won't be using it!

In fact it joined my messed up screen protector - In the bin :mad:

I will buy another when available from shops in the UK