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April 30th, 2005, 14:01
yo yo yo my FIFA Football (its called FIFA Soccer, but i like to say it 'properly' :D ) i got it from Divineo.co.uk and came to the price of 43 :o but i paid for next day delivery so i wasnt too bothered about how much i paid. The game was in stock yesterday (Friday) so i hoped that it would arrive today (Saturday) and it did :D - it arrived 9am this morning and i had to sign for it but since i was still a little tired (and hungover) i jumped back into bed till 12:30pm. so as soon as i woke up i jumped out of bed and stuck FIFA into my PSP. Before you people start to say 'FIFA is crap im a Pro Evo man' i gotta admit i like both games, i like FIFA because it is a fun game to play on your own, but not much fun in the multiplayer department (however there is online play which is good) whereas Pro Evo 4 i cant stand to play on my own (because i can never win, even on 3 stars :( ) but when i go to my friends every friday we always get a Pro Evo tournament going (and i win :D ) so its a bit of a mixed bag between the two for me. so untill i get Pro Evo on the PSP i shall be getting FIFA first and here is what i think...

For my first match i thought i'd pick a team closer to home and to be honest, was very suprised to see that the Lower division teams where on the game, so obviously i picked Wigan :D and went against Preston. as soon as the game loads (loading times weren't too long imo, about the same length of time it takes Ridge Racer to load a race) you see the stadium and players and you can see how good the graphics look for a handheld console. I started the match and being a player of the PS2 / XBOX versions i can safely say that it is a very accurate version of those games. The players themselves are a little less detailed but that doesnt mean to say they look crap, they look really good. now for the little negative things i gotta say about the game;

first of all, the game is a little bit slower than their console counterparts, it isnt very noticeable but this doesnt make it uber-slow, but it is just fast enough.

also, when the ball goes out of play you will always experience a 1-2 second freeze in the gameplay, which i imagine is because its trying to load the zoomed-in camera angles or a replay as quick as it can, this also does not detract from the fun.

The analog stick thing is another thing i gotta pick at, why oh why didnt EA put the one-touch thing on that instead of the pad? or at least give you the option to?well at first i found it to be tricky to use the i was a little tricky to use and also using the R button to run too made it sometimes hard to keep control of your player, which would inevitably come to the conclusion of being tackled. i can imagine some other people having much trouble with the analog stick but i was used to using it with Ridge Racers so it didnt take me too long to get used to.

Also, i was disappointed i didnt find a career mode similar to the one found in FIFA 2005 in the game, instead here we get a Season mode (which cannot be too bad), and challenge modes.

im not sure of all the different challenge mode but i tried one which was that you take over a team midway through a match (the 1st one being Arsenal v Chelsea, 55mins played - 1-1) and you control Chelsea, and the idea is .... Win ! cannot be any simpler. With this first challenge after my Wigan-Preston match i found it considerably easier to score (not much easier) and the players responded much better. i won the challenge with 3-2 :D and i have come off the game to write this review (and make a brew and some toast)

it is easy for me to recommend this, if you like the console versions that is, so if u do, and fancy a bit of footie on the PSP - Get This !! 8.5 out of 10 from me :D

/me goes off to play more FIFA :D

April 30th, 2005, 15:35
good review mate cheers! ill be ordering it soon!

May 2nd, 2005, 01:47
cheers Dan - u wont regret ordering the game, i cant seem to put it down. :D

May 2nd, 2005, 09:31
thanks aseddon, i always find myself being sceptical with official reviews, it's good to have some from trust worthy sources

May 2nd, 2005, 10:04
excellent review :)