View Full Version : Worlds First PSP Homebrew Demo - Hello World

May 5th, 2005, 19:52
Nem has released the Worlds First PSP Homebrew and its a Hello World Demo, this release only works on the revision 1.0 PSP and that is the early Japanese Model as it seems the hole was plugged with the Bios Update.

Full details including Download and Screenshot <a href="http://psp-news.dcemu.co.uk/helloworld.shtml" target="_blank" >Here</a>.

May 5th, 2005, 20:21
big pic

May 5th, 2005, 20:22
Cool, I hope we can see more of that, I want to play my mod in PSP.

May 5th, 2005, 21:45
Guessing by the way its said to use it that its for the old bios as you couldnt just power off to clear the ram on the new units you'd have to pull the battery.

May 6th, 2005, 04:16
Arggh man why bother to create homebrewn if it only works on a small percentage of psps? Well at least its a start.

May 6th, 2005, 13:19
thays coz it works only on jap 1.0 psps

May 6th, 2005, 15:08
Because the code will work once the US psp's are cracked just the booting method will be different.