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March 30th, 2007, 11:10
This is the story of how all 3 xbox 360ís in our house broke in a little under 3 weeks time. Now for all you doubters and nay-sayers out there let us just preface this story with a few things.

1. View this youtube video for visual proof of the story below but please read the story first.

2. We like 360. Or that is, we want to like 360. We didnít sleep out in the cold on launch day for no reason. And we like the idea of competition amongst the console manufactures to stimulate innovation etc.

3. Weíve enjoyed our 360ís for the time theyíve been working no matter how short that was. Weíve even played them more than our ps3ís until just recently.

4. We are not trying to over hype this issue. The fact is that reality is just as bad as the hype makes it out to be. Once again refer to 2 & 3 to see that we really do want to like 360.

5. We treated these consoles like gold. As you can see from the youtube link at the beginning and end of this story we arenít spastic little kids that use the 360 as a coaster for our chocolate milk, we like to have nice things and we take excellent care of them.

So here it goes

Two and a half weeks ago Roommate #1ís 360 took a crap while he was playing madden. This was preceded by many disc read errors and eventually the red ring of death. This 360 was only 3 months old. Bummer. He called Microsoft and since it was still under warranty they sent him a box to send it to the repair center free of charge. While his 360 was at the repair center roommate #2ís 360 took a crap while playing Geometry Wars. Wow-wow-wii-wow! This was a launch 360 and had shown absolutely no prior issues up until this point. Right after Geometry wars froze the red ring of death appeared and the 360 has not worked since. Roommate #2 also called Microsoft but since his console was out of warranty they were going to charge him $140 dollars for the repair which is about the price of half of a core 360. Just as roommate #1ís 360 returns home roommate #3ís 360 dies while playing GoW. This system was also a launch system and will cost him $140 dollars to repair as well.

The point of this article is that this cannot be a random occurrence or anomaly as Microsoft likes to call it. Take a moment and think about every person you know whoís had problems with their 360ís. Almost everyone we know has had problems with their consoles and now itís not funny as ours are now the ones biting the dust. Microsoft should not be allowed to get away with sweeping this broad issue under the rug and charging us for it.

Please view the youtube video below for further proof incase you are a doubter. Also please add your stories and videos.

Youtube Video

March 30th, 2007, 11:38
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