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Sir Fritz
March 30th, 2007, 16:21
Greetings, people of the gaming world.

A friend of mine and I have enjoyed playing Elite Beat Agents for a couple of months now. However, in this fantastic game, there's one big flaw (same goes for Ouendan, by the way):

For the people who do not know the game that well, let me explain. When playing the game in Multiplayer, there's a different scoring system than usual. If you get high scores, you will earn stars. If you have enough stars, a fever will occur. During a fever, the screen will shake and the targets will dramaticly shrink in size, making it a game of stylus-precision rather than a game that tests your rythmic abilities.

Now we wanted to suggest the following to Nintendo:

Make the fevers in the sequal to Elite Beat Agents optional in Multiplayer, so that the gamers who actually DO want to test their rythmic abilities together have the chance to do so.

We wanted to send a letter of suggestion to Nintendo, but instead, we'd like to have some poll results to back up our suggestion. Therefore, we're posting this poll.

Thanks for your time,

FroZt and FritZ

April 2nd, 2007, 18:06
Of course. Who wouldn't, if it's optional anyway? I can see how they're annoying, I personally think they should be removed... but making them optional sounds great. Let's hope Nintendo will take your letter in serious reconsideration.