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April 1st, 2007, 08:25
Hi guys. After a lot of thought. We have decided to spice up the gaming and hardware forums a little, From now on, and in regular fashion, we will be offering tips,codes,cheats, walkthroughs, videos, and strategies, for your favorite games,
To make suggestions about a game that you would like to see tips,strategies,cheats,videos or walkthroughs for. Make sure to drop a pm to me. I will find everything There is to be found and make a special thread in the gaming and hardware forum that corresponds to that game.

So first up is an awesome title. that in many ways triumphs over its predecessor!
It's none other then God of war 2.


This game blew me away all over again with this impressive sequel that took every successful aspect of an already perfect masterpiece, and made it better!

But where could one find the ultimate mojo of all strategy guides, one that in many ways is better then the guide you most likely picked up when you bought the game.

Well that's lets just say. I've found a free online guide that im sure everyone will love.
You're welcome (http://www.mycheats.com/view/section/1854/1943/god_of_war_2/ps2)

And with that. Im off to play some more God of war 2.

Remember, for tips, cheats, strategies, hints and videos of your favorite titles. Im just a pm away,