View Full Version : Virtua Tennis PSP

May 10th, 2005, 17:01
Virtua Tennis is by far one of, if not the greatest Tennis game ever crafted. Of that, there is no question.

Dead simple controls, more depth than the love cavity of Houston, star of the 'Houston 500' and eerily believable likenesses of some of the world's most famous tennis players.

It's a good thing then, that as an antidote to the evils of Bush and Blair resuming leadership of the respective countries whom employ them, Sega has decided to right the world with the assistance of Sumo Digital's exceptional development skills.

PSP owners will be able to enjoy the hot ball-whacking action present only in the standard of quality Virtua Tennis brings this coming Autumn.

The game will feature all the modes which made the DC version so very sexy and multiplayer over wireless LAN. Nothing else matters really. Nothing.

May 10th, 2005, 17:41
if its any like the dc version i will definately get it