View Full Version : Picodrive help!?

April 3rd, 2007, 20:34
Hi all.. My R4 should be here tommorow..
so in the mean time ive been preparing filesi want to use on it.. mainly emulation.

i have the SnemulDS and the tutorial with it..

i have the NesDS and a tutorial for that..

I have the Picodrive.. and thats it.. it doesnt even have a readme..

im aware that it needs dldi patching..but im just wondering how to put it on the card.. will it need a folder for roms like Snemul.. general stuff like that..

if anyone could help me id greatly appreciate it..

April 4th, 2007, 01:02
place rom anywhere on the card and place gen/megadrive roms in .bin or .smd format also anywhere on the card. (u will have to browse for them...) root or /picodrive folder is what i use.

sir jimski
August 8th, 2009, 19:49
I have a picodrive for my DS running on an R4, it plays Megadrive games really well apart from there is no sound!!
Is there something i am doing wrong????

August 10th, 2009, 11:18
PicoDriveDS does not emulate sound. Try jEnesisDS instead.