View Full Version : problems with snes9x for psp

April 5th, 2007, 09:43
i have many roms for snes, but when i put them in the roms file in snes9x onto my psp, and load up the program. they roms dont appear on the program. they are on the psp but not showing up, any suggestions

April 5th, 2007, 10:11
are the roms .smc?
are running you putting them the roms folder?

April 5th, 2007, 10:35
well they dont say .smc, and when i check the file type it just says file, they've worked with znes and stuff though, any one know a .smc converter or maybe a rom fixer

April 5th, 2007, 12:20
u should be able to change them to .smc by renameing them urself, hope that works

April 5th, 2007, 21:36
wow, 727 roms and i have to rename them all? thats gonna be rediculous but i'll try it and get back to yeahs

April 5th, 2007, 21:39
just type "ren *.* *.smc" in the command window. the renaming process will take you less than a second ;)
or even better, zip them. then they are only half the size and the emu recognizes them as well.

April 5th, 2007, 23:38
Hi, how does the current version of the snes emu perform? I'm thinking about buying a psp, depending on the snes emulation.
I'm not sure wether to buy a gp2x (which has excellent snes emulation) or a psp. I tried snes9x on the psp late 2005, and back then Super Mario World was really bad at autoframe skip.
I hope anyone can tell me how it is now?

Thanks in advance...