View Full Version : Newbie got v1.5 Jap...need help:-|

April 8th, 2007, 07:31
Hello People,

I tried looking around the forum but I cannot find a place that has the japanese version of PSP firmware 1.5 and 3.10.

I want to install the dark alex software stuff but cannot find the firmwares anywhere.

My psp is JAP v1.00 upgraded to v1.5 (older brother does not play games anymore....so he game it to me...also...I dont think he ever played with it...).

Can someone please give me links to these files?

Actually...can I upgrade my jap psp 1.5 to the alex software using north american firmwares?

I dont think u can but maybe u can...sry...I only know firmware stuff for PC DVD writers.

Thank u very much in advance for helping me.


PS: first post...so go easy on me or I'll will so...er...:o

April 8th, 2007, 12:16
You dont need jap firmwares any will the job just fine a jap machine is the same as any other with the exception of the button swap which american or european firmwares will solve anyway.
Hope this helps

1.50 http://dl.qj.net/Firmwares/pg/12/fid/163/catid/163

3.10 http://dl.qj.net/Firmwares/pg/12/fid/12460/catid/163

3.10oe-a http://dl.qj.net/Firmwares/pg/12/fid/12536/catid/163

3.10oe-a' or a2 update http://dl.qj.net/Hacks-Exploits/pg/12/fid/12577/catid/114

April 8th, 2007, 13:10
If you need help with anything email me or add me on msn: jackoffinaboxx@hotmail.co.uk,

April 8th, 2007, 14:47
3.03 OE wood be the best 1 to upgrade to

April 9th, 2007, 00:21
thank u everyone for helping.

I installed the 3.10 version and final fantasy 7 works and everything....so awesome...

Thank u thank u thank u very much!