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April 9th, 2007, 14:54
not everyone know about this swap magic freeware it works.. let me tell you my tutorial.

1. you need ARMAX the old one if you have one but don't have the pen use a psp or a mp3 player....

2. you need to find a elf file called elf.cogswap
research it on yahoo not google.

3. insert you're pen or psp on you're computer
and put the elf.cogswap on the psp, but be specific it works like this psp/games erase all you're stuff do it and just put it by it self.

4. take out you're pen drive or psp and put in on you're ps2. run Armax and go to media player were you could listen to songs.

5. let the pen or psp do there job. then you well see something like . cogswap elf. then press play and it well load cogswap.

okay now you ready with the program but now you need to trick you're ps2.

If you have the fat one is much better and easier if you have the slim one you in trouble.

1.take out the ps2 logo the is on the tray

it should look like this


the white thing is the tray opening this is what keeps the ps2 tray in not out..

use a slidecard don't buy one make one is easy to make it use a gift card and this is how it should look like


then push it not to hard until you're tray is snap and pull it with you're finger put you're you're burn backup in the tray now push it hard and it should work just wait 15 seconds or 20.

is easy at first so don't worry.. this won't mess up youre ps2

okay now for cogswap you will see and screen with a cd on but action replay is on it well said ps2 cd rom .. now you need to look for a game the has the same size as you're burn disc or more. like for kh2fm iuse tekken. you need you're original ps2 dvdrom look at the screen the dvd is yelllow now press x ones now it well said use cogswap now you need you slide card slice the white pin carefully and the tray well open.insert you're burn copy but it has to see use cogswap or else is not gonna work.

now push the tray hard press x ones and you're game well load. good luck it hope this helps
sorry for my bad english

April 9th, 2007, 15:00
Oh yeah there another way and easier I have the exploit for the memory card if anyone ones it tell me i gave it to you but you need Armax if you don't have one send you're memory card to me and i put the file into you're memory card

October 7th, 2008, 05:12
ok i understood to a point... anyone willing to help? (do i need an action replay or something? or what do i need?) and could i have a real user friendly guild like.

1. do this

2. do that

and so on?