View Full Version : psx eboot compression help

April 10th, 2007, 18:04
kay, so i heard about da new 3.10 OE and how ever since 3.03 0E, it supports psx compression. I also heard that you had to compress the ISO/ROM/whatever u got from the disk. What i want to know is can u just compress the eboot, and if yes, than by how much. If no, than how much does compressing the ISO/ROM shrink the data without slowing it down significantly?

April 10th, 2007, 18:43
I dont know if you can compress the eboot but when you do compress the level of compression varies from game to game it could compress by 100megs or 600megs it really depends on the games original size however to make them even smaller you can rip out bits thet arent needed suchas fmv and music before you convert and compress.

April 10th, 2007, 18:53
also, how exactly do i compress the games without rendering them unusable?

April 10th, 2007, 21:54
Use the simple popstation gui it compresses then converts the iso to eboot.