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April 11th, 2007, 03:36
Hi Everyone new to this forum.
If someone could possiblly tell me the do's and donts to buying a PSP.

Well i plan on buying a PSP this weekend and plan on playing SNES on it and PS1 so could someone possible things i need to think of before buying it and starting my quest :)
Such as:
Size of Memory stick and what games not to play before trying to do all this.
I read all y o ur FAQ's and unerstand much and ready i hopes.
I would like to know about this 3.10 firmware this comes with a PS1 emulator and id like to know if u could add the SNES emulator to it or if its a seperate firmware? id also like to know with 3.10 firmware u can play all games currently out for the actual psp and i could play any of them with no problems or worries of downloading any unwanted firmware which stops me from getting the things i want.

Hopefully i posted this in the right forum hehe if not plz move it to correct one thanks

Thanks for all help and hope to learn much

HAzArdrOxS :thumbup:

April 11th, 2007, 08:51
Try and get a 2.80 firmware earlier PSP, save you have to GTA Unpatched.

update to 3.10 OE - A2 or 3.30 OE A if its out when you get it.. 3.10 and 3.30 OE has support for SNEStyl respectively where 3.10 official does not.

Get a memory stick that you can afford. 2GB high speed is recommended as its cheap on ebay etc

Don't get your PSP from a small shop, chances of getting it replaced by them is probably not good, with the exception of Ebgames and games wizards

All i can wish you is good luck!

April 11th, 2007, 09:18
a 2.71 psp would be best for you, so you can downgrade without needing unpatched gta-lcs which is hard to get hold of now.

you downgrade to 1.50 so you can open up the world of homebrew and emulators, from 1.50 you can upgrade to a custom firmware, which gives you all the same goodnesses but you have psx emulator built in and you can play the newest umd games, and you get all the benefits of the current firmware.

if you're getting into emulatation I recommend a 2 to 8gb memory stick. I use a 4gb and its full.

UMD wise I recommend getting a 'pre-owned' gta-lcs hoping you get the unpatched version. if you do you're in the money.