View Full Version : PS3: How exciting! New FFXIII news and scans

April 12th, 2007, 18:11
In all honesty, there's not enough real news in the scanned pages to merit much discussion -- a lot of the text turns out to be fluff about what the PS3 is capable of. You know, stuff we already knew. However, a few tidbits worth mentioning were gleaned from the article coming out of PSM, but not much from the EGM page. Lots of magazines featured.

Random battles are gone for good! XIII will build off of the elements introduced in XI and XII -- where player and foe enter combat naturally. But Toshiro Tsuchida (battle director) wants more than just the same ol' thing: he wants to create natural "ecosystems" where the creatures will react based on their environments, feelings towards the player and other creatures, et cetera.
Versus is going to have an even stranger system -- every weapon has its own camera system and control algorithms... algorithms? Let's just say camera and control system. Even a third-person shooter weapon. Meh.
The article claims that the graphics in these latest Final Fantasy games will pose a challenge to the incredibly well-received movie, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (sarcasm is fun). Doubt they mean the in-game graphics, but the cut-scenes? Yeah. We'll believe it. But really, a movie that took hundreds of computers and a game taking... the PlayStation 3? Time and technology... amazing stuff.

That's it for now. We'd love to get a demo of this game soon. No promises, but that'd be nice. Right, Square-Enix? It would be nice. Heck, demos for any of the high-profile titles would make us giddy with excitement.