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June 1st, 2007, 00:58
Wii Multi-Functional Carry Bag
Manufacturer: Dragon
Site: Buy from Goldenshop (http://www.goldenshop.com.hk/AI-trad/wii/mfbag.htm)
Price: $13.00

Overview : Carry your Nintendo Wii, controllers, cables, etc. in a multi-functional carry bag. You can also play your Wii without having to remove it from the bag.

Features :

Prevent any shock and scratch
Compact size design with shoulder strap for carrying
Super strong protect function with console and accessories
Fully compatible with different version and model of Wii console
No need take-out console can direct connect with home set TV system
Storage function with Wii console, game card, AV cable, AC adapter/adaptor, remote controller, nunchuk pad, sensor bar, stand and other accessories

Quality/Usability : The Wii Multi-Functional Carry Bag lets you carry your Nintendo Wii, controllers, cables, sensor bar and whatever else is needed for the Nintendo Wii. The bag comes only in gray with white zippers and a black trip. It also comes with a black shoulder strap.

Lets start with the front compartment. The front flap of the compartment has a hard plastic to prevent any accidental bumps to the case. This protects whatever accessories you have in the small front compartment. Upon opening the compartment, you have three dividers. This allows you to separate your accessories. Each section seems equally spaced. You can hold your AC adapter, AV cables, Wiimote and Nunchuk. Adding an extra Wiimote and/or Nunchuk can be a tight fit.

The main compartment houses the Wii console stand and of course, the Wii console. Before we get to that, on the underside of the flap are a couple of small compartments. First are three mesh compartments. This allows you to hold 3 SD cards or memory cards. Above the mesh compartment is a flap. When pulled off its velcro, it reveals 6 game pouches to store your Wii or GameCube games. Like the front compartment, the main compartment also has a divider for the stand and the console. A white velcro strap runs across the compartment to hold the Wii, sensor bar and stand in place during transportation as well as when system is in use while it is inside the bag. I noticed that when the sensor bar is placed inside with the Wii, its a little hard to zipper up the carry bag. There are two white straps on both sides of the case. These straps prevent the flap from falling over. But if you have something in the front compartment, the flap will fall due to the weight. To prevent the flap from falling when it is opened, there are clips on both straps. This allows you to completely open the flap.

As mentioned above, you can play your Wii while it is in the bag. No need to remove the Wii and having to set it up. On the bottom of the bag (when stood up), there is a cover. This cover has rubber "spiked teeths" for when you place the Wii Multi-Functional Carry Bag on the floor but at the same time, allows easy access to the ports on the back of the Wii console as well as USB ports. This cover is held in place with velcro.

To the left of the carry bag is a mesh grill. This is the ventilation for the bottom of the Nintendo Wii console when the Wii is placed inside the bag. Unfortunately, the vent does not lineup exactly with the mesh grill.

Conclusion : Overall, the Wii Multi-Functional Carry Bag is definitely multi-functional. Its great that you are able to play with the Wii while it is in the bag rather than having to remove it to set it up. It would have been nice if the mesh grill was aligned better with the Wii's bottom vent. I also noticed that the main compartment is a little cramped when zippering it up. Not to mention, the quality feels a little cheap. Sometimes, I'm scared of zippering the main compartment because the zipper feels a bit flimsy. The excess zipper is hidden under the gray material which looks tacky.

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