View Full Version : Need advanced help. Broken cartridge - works but doesn't save

June 5th, 2007, 11:49
A fake pokemon fire red cartridge I have been using for some time. At some point I lost my savegame. It began to display a "blue screen" with a white box and an error message inside it saying "save failed, checking backup memory - time required: about 1 minute" every time I try to save. I am told that either the battery has run dry or the memory is damaged. The progress isn't saved anywhere.

I have quite a history with saving issues on counterfeit carts. Usually their internal battery runs dry and needs exchange. Unlike the original cart, which saves to a 256K Flash, this cart has only 128K memory, some sort of RAM. It's volatile so it will erase if not constantly supplied power by a CR1616 battery. This time however, things were different. The cartridge refused to save even after changing the battery.

I removed the battery on one of my other 3rd gen pokemon games to see if I get an error. The respective game(pokemon sapphire) would save the game successfully and only lose it upon shutdown. No save errors. So I begn to think that maybe indeed something is wrong with the cart's backup memory. Can anyone help me locate it and, if possible, tell me what to change it with? I'll supply a pic of the cart's inside if necessary. Thank you.

June 15th, 2007, 15:26
well these fake pirated cartridges always have problems with the saves. Use the original one ;)