View Full Version : ok 3.40 oe-a question

June 6th, 2007, 22:52
ok ever since I did that half bricking a few hours ago then recovered it, I tried to play "innocent life: futurestic harvest moon" and it tells me that the game couldn't start... but for some reason I was able to play it earlier... did I do something wrong?

June 6th, 2007, 23:03
UMD in? if not change to No-Umd through recovery

June 7th, 2007, 06:32
yeah I did that... but it gives me the error "The game could not be started (800202148)

edit: Well when I recovered it the only back up I had was when I was at 3.03 oe-c and when I recovered my psp was at that firmwere insted of 3.40 oe-a ... then I upgraded back to it... do you think that that could have something to do with it?

June 7th, 2007, 20:13
this happens to me alot. i usualy switch between no umd and umd enabled or just take the game off ur stick and put it back on. its happening more often to me i swear...

June 7th, 2007, 21:24
Is it an iso, or a umd?

June 8th, 2007, 03:33
yeah it says " Use NO-UMD (currently: disabled)" and it still doesn't want to play my UMD game

June 9th, 2007, 01:28
It just sounds to me like your firmware is too outdated for your game.
Try putting umd autostart on then reset thats worked for me once.

June 12th, 2007, 09:27
Well that is what it is acting like, but I am at 3.40 and the games I play only require 2.60, the highest requirement UMD I have is 3.11 ... I have no Idea what is happening...