View Full Version : 3.03 OE C to 1.50 downgrade

June 10th, 2007, 05:43
Lately was trying to upgrade to DA's new 3.40 Firmware so somewhere i heard that i have to downgrade to 1.50 first and then upgrade to 3.40,

however, i have forgotten how to do it!!!!. can someone please refresh my memory once more on how to downgrade from 3.03 OEC to 1.50.


June 11th, 2007, 16:36
If your on 3.03 OE-C then you just update straight to 3.40 OE, even if your at 1.5 you update straight to 3.40 OE. either way but it saves you time if you just go straight there.

Boot Recovery (hold the power button up till it turns off and turn back on holding R)
Go to the 3rd one down.(run blar blar Eboot)
When you see the red writing... read it!