View Full Version : snes9x TYL 0.4.2me won't boot

June 10th, 2007, 17:41
Hello, i'm having a problem getting this SNES emulator to boot. I placed the proper files and whatnot where they need to go (snes9xTYL and snes9xTYL% in the X:/PSP/GAME folder) and put Chrono Trigger in the ROMS folder. However, when I go to boot up the program from the GAME list, I click on the snes9x icon, and it goes into the PSP chime-screen. But, the screen goes black, the back-light fades in and out, and it just hangs their on a black screen. I am running firmware 1.50, before anyone asks. And yes, I extracted the correct 1.5 files from snes9xTYL. Can anyone help me?

June 10th, 2007, 20:41
Try re installing the snes emulator

June 10th, 2007, 20:55
seriously i cant see what ure doing wrong here so i really cant help you
but in my opinion get custom firmware

June 10th, 2007, 20:58
I used to have the same exact problem, but after reinstalling my cfw a few times, it started to work.

June 10th, 2007, 22:13
Use custom firmware, and run the 1.0 eboot.

June 11th, 2007, 02:29
Yeah i'm totaly dumbfounded as to why it won't work. I'll have to get a bigger card than install custom firmware 3.40 OE-A. As it stands, I only have this Sony 32mb card. >_<

June 11th, 2007, 05:47
Sorry to double post.. but I had an idea. Does it make a difference if I plug in my memory card directly into the computer? As opposed to my PSP running through the USB cable than transfer the files (USB connection mode).

June 11th, 2007, 08:31
makes no difference whatsoever

June 11th, 2007, 15:59
Ugh... dangit. Alright, i'm gonna run out and buy a 512mb Pro Duo card, install custom firmware, and see what happens.

June 11th, 2007, 16:06
You won't regret it! :p

June 11th, 2007, 23:29
Get the new version by Ruka


June 12th, 2007, 03:25
Upgrading to 3.40 OE-A right now. Will update in a bit here.

EDIT: Just tried it... ARGH! Didn't work! What on earth is wrong with my PSP? :(

Espada No. 6
June 12th, 2007, 15:56
hey i got version 3.50 and a couple of question...
1. is it possible for me to run a psx emu for my psp?
2. yes: where can i down 1?
3. no: can/ how can i downgrade my psp so that i can use a psx emu?

June 12th, 2007, 19:00
Sorry, I don't believe there is currently anyway to downgrade or run homebrew apps on firmware 3.50.

YESS! Got it working. Just as I thought... since the analog stick wasn't working, it wouldn't boot properly. But I fixed the analog stick and it WORKED!

June 20th, 2007, 00:02
what do you mean the analog stick wasnt working...I dont know if this has anything to do with what you were saying but my analog stick is slow when you move it down or left? How did you fix it?

June 20th, 2007, 03:49
Well, there is a rubber contact underneath the analong stick which connects it to the mainboard. This rubber piece was simply not in place and therefore, I had no analog stick. However when I put it back in, the emulator worked like a charm. Also, there is a big huge mondo guide for fixing analog sticks you should look at.

January 20th, 2009, 19:58
I'm on custom firmware 3.8 I believe, and am having the exact same issue. It boots the playstation screen, pauses, then shuts off. Is 3.8 too far up?

January 20th, 2009, 22:42
Use the latest SNES emulator :) (Its one by Chilly Willy's gang of little fairies)

or if you are using a fat, install 1.50 kernel.