View Full Version : Opera Web Browser out in the US for DS (review)

June 11th, 2007, 19:01
Well, I bought the Opera Browser this weekend. I must say I'm pleasantly suprized. I was expecting it to be clunky, difficult to use and to be slow. I was none of those. It comes with the DS cartridge for the browser itself and a 'memory card' bit that goes into slot 2 which fits perfectly (not tight and not loose).

I've been playing with it off of my Nintendo WiFi adaptor from my PC and it links up perfectly with no hassels.

There are a few hassles I have noticed. First and formost, it has no image saving ability, the most you can do is save the page as a favorite. It also has no JAVA, Flash, or video capabilities but I figured that much when I got it. One which is kinda a biggie is the slot 2 card will only work with the lite. All you original DS users are kinda left out on this one.

Observations of features:
The history is erased every time you shut off the machine. No big deal, just favorite the pages you want to go back to.
It has a letter recognition writing pad. It works ok, but if you had terrible hand writing like I do It's a bid cumborsome, besides the keyboard is easy to use.
There is a full page view which is handy if you want to scroll through quickly, but it's impossible to read anything.
There are a few other features that I'm not quite sure what they do yet, but I'll post up if they're anything important.

I tried using the device with some of my other Slot 2 devices (supercard and MMD), but they didn't work. I'm mildly curious if it's possible to set up these devices to work with opera, even give it more capabilities?

Oh and BTW, I wrote out this whole review using my DS :thumbup:

June 12th, 2007, 13:44
aparently you can buy a DS (fat) Opera browser on the nintendo website