View Full Version : Tomb Raider: Legend -help.

June 11th, 2007, 19:07
hmmm. where is my brain

ive been playing this game on the psp...and its quite good for only £10...however im on the second motorbike level in the mountains of eastern europe [i think] chasing a train and shooting generic folk.

well the problem is after the train goes through the tunnel, and i do the cliff side jumping maddness, i see the train again... and i have no idea how to progress further. i shoot some people, then im on my own with the train still going, and the terrain just loops for ever and im stuck doing nothing.

ive tried jumping on the train, both at the little ramp by the tracks [piled up snow?] and the large ramps in the open. nothing works, i just keep driving forever and ever

¿what do i do?

fixed. well i passed the level, but if i retry it sometimes it can happen again.

i casnt delete the thread... so if anyone wants to talk about tomb raider...please do