View Full Version : Hori Fighting Stick 3 PC Compatibility Help$

June 11th, 2007, 23:17
Hey guys I recently purchased a hfs3 under the impression it was plug n play on pc like the hori arcade pro 3..

Unfortunately it isn't I believe its due to the fact there's no switch the changes the input (off digital) like hap3. I also heard its because it uses analog signal. Both of which I don't know much about. But it ends up so the device is recognized but doesn't send input

Anyway its possible though a driver filter, someone made a rather poor one that works for no one ie talked to.

I believe its very similar to the sixaxis driver because all that does is use the usb devices specific id/vip and tells it to send input back.

Is there anyone with the expertise to make a driver for me id be willing to send money through paypal because ive searched everywhere to no avial.

The lower level driver filter that soemone made is here http://rapidshare.com/files/22348021/fs3drv.zip.html
through a hexeditor it looks as if its trying to refer to a file that doesnt exist...