View Full Version : Middleman on hunt to help with a psp brawler.

June 12th, 2007, 02:15
Ok. firstly i;m not that good into C and c++. Let everyone know that off the top. Ok I was playing a game on newgrounds called "newgrounds rumble". Game played very much like ssb in the fact its a beatem up arena fighter. Ok i contacted the guy hwo have created it. "they have created a couple of brawlers all of switch or awesome." They seem pretty intrigued into making a brawler for the psp homebrew community. On eof there main coders who has deep knowledge of C and c++ stated, 'well ,all I can say is, if you can find me someone with a really good understanding of C and some experience with PSP,with some kind of sample of their work.. (like maybe a
brawler with internet sprites , nothin fancy, just something where I can see their
engine.). then count me in.
I really think i may be on to something but i'm really not the one to be pushing into this kinda thing. I need those omg awesome homebrew guys in the psp commmunity to get with the guys and but heads and see if anything is possible. The guys wanna know stuff that i def don't know but yall would. Please help me out if you would be willing to help or atleast have some aim chat room discussion etc with the guys. None of them have psp's but they are willing to help make the game and are knowledgeable in c# c++ visual c and C.

June 14th, 2007, 02:18
Have you ever played smw or smash gpsp?