View Full Version : Capcom Play System Emulator 2 Urgent Help needed

June 14th, 2007, 13:45
I've been trying for the past day to get this emulator to work, and so far i've only just been able to get marvel vs capcom running and xmen: children of the atom, but i need help with xmen vs street fighter.
I've got the parent rom, along with all the clone rom's as well, i've converted all of these, put them onto the memory stick, all the correct directories, and even if i rename the parent rom 'xmvsfu' like i did with marvel vs capcom, which made it work somehow, i just ge tthe typical 'CR32 NOT FOUND CPU1' or whatever it shows, and now my patience is running thin :P
if anyone can help me to get my favourite arcade game running on this, ill very much appreciate it
thanks very much.