View Full Version : The Weirdest XBOX Problem, SERIOUSLY it is.

June 17th, 2007, 19:56
Hi all

I'm having problems copying my Softmod installer for the splinter cell with the installer to my Xbox hard drive. In Fact, I am having problems copying PERIOD! I have the AR mem card, microsoft memory card, and the xbox HD that cannot copy anything!!!!!!!!

When I go into the Xbox menu to access the drives (mem cards and Xbox HD) i select a game i want to copy but only the COPY button is not there!!!!!

I'm not an idiot, i have done it before on my XBOX and i have a hacked Dreamcast, Wii, and psp but uhhh What the foog? What is wrong with my XBox? you guys ever hear of a problem like this? I feel like a dork asking for help haha. Please any assistance would be purdy.


June 19th, 2007, 04:03
Can someone please delete this thread? I'm a moron :-) but i have a softmodded Xbox now :-)