View Full Version : What's the best thing out there?

June 18th, 2007, 03:36
:D Ok i want the best deal out there and if there's one that is very similar but costs less, give me that please. I would like the best for my money which I've been saving and have. First off how good is this: R4DS w/ 2GB MicroSD Slot-1 Combo?

:rolleyes: Ok this is what I want to do (I don't know any terms so I just wrote the result):

*Play ds games that fans or whoever have made
*play music especially in mp3 format
*Play video and be able to fast forward, rewind and pause with good quality
*Use SNemule to play SNES games or maybe even a different but better application
*View and edit phottos in preferably bmp,jpeg, art format
*Play something that I'm not supposed to meantion here but they start with an R and have them function as if you bought it.
*browse the internet if capable.
*lots of memory

Now I know that none of them have all this but I value it in this order:R's,memory, music, videos, snes, photos, and lastly internet.

:thumbup: Thank you everyone who has contributed and I plan on getting this soon so if you have info or opinion seriously write it down:thumbup: