View Full Version : ScummVM for Tapwave Zodiac Updated

October 7th, 2004, 19:25
Chrilith has updated the version of Scummvm for the Tapwave Zodiac Console, heres whats new:[br][br]2004-10-06[br][br]- FIXED : small skin redraw regression on some devices ( DOS[br]- CHANGED : revamped SknCopyBits(...) function[br]- CHANGED : smoother skin redraw on Zodiac[br]- CHANGED : ARM functions initialization[br]- CHANGED : Music & Sound : MIDI Clié/Zodiac -> built-in MIDI auto-detection[br]- CHANGED : Games Manager : new panel with tabs[br]- CHANGED : new menu[br]- CHANGED : Music & Sound per games[br]- CHANGED : better mouse emulation on all devices[br]- FIXED : bad background color (more to do >:( )[br]- FIXED : card avalaibility redraw problem[br]- REMOVED : (TEMP) dissolve effect (1,1)[br][br][br]Download the newly signed release Here (http://zodiac-emu.dcemu.co.uk/scummvm.shtml)