View Full Version : 3.4OE-A no autoRun

June 19th, 2007, 00:11
- f/w 3.4OE-A
- RidgeRacer2 demo (EBOOT.PBP) moved into /PSP/GAME/BOOT/
- homebrew game kernal 3.40

RR2 runs fine off the XMB but if I enable Autorun in recovery mode ,
and then do a cold reboot , nil happens ..
NE ideas how I get RR2 autorunning..?

June 19th, 2007, 07:02
I think maybe that is because RR2 is not meant to be autorun 'ed

June 19th, 2007, 09:45
ok.. tried same config but with the ../GAME/Bookr folder renamed to BOOT

runs fine off the XMB, but same nil happens
on Autorun
(..actually, not completely nil. The m/s orange drive light flashes then stops, in a tight loop that I can break from into recov. using R)