View Full Version : The elder scrolls 1:Arena or II:daggerfall

June 26th, 2007, 18:42
These are 2 elder scrolls games for microsoft DOS.
Do you think that porting or emulating The elder scrolls I:Arena or the elder scrolls II:daggerfall is possible?
I ama very big fan of these 2 games and i would just about sh*t my pants if itis possible to be done.

Yes,this is my first post.I am really enjoying my M3 simply and M3 mini-SD.

PS:I am NOT talking about oblivion or morrorwind here.

July 9th, 2007, 20:23
We would need the source, but yes it would be amazing if the company who owns this series would port Daggerfall! :)

July 12th, 2007, 11:56
My first post also, loving the site, loving M3 Simply.

Bethesda have released The Eldar Scrolls: Arena for free download...

Maybe someone could work on a DOSBox emu for the DS...