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June 26th, 2007, 18:51
I downloaded Resident Evil 3 in mds/mdf and I don't know what to do with it. I tried using ultraiso to make it a iso but it still doesn't read.
thanks for your help

June 26th, 2007, 19:59
Um firstly you started this post about "geness emulator help" Why are you talking about isos etc. Nextly we not suppose to be talking about isos in the contet that "you downloaded it".

June 26th, 2007, 20:54
I'm talking about isos because I need to get one working ON the emulator. I'm not sure what format or how to make the mds/mdf work on the emulator.

June 26th, 2007, 22:09
There are no resident evil games for Genesis.

Do you mean you want help converting a resident evil 3 (ps1) iso in mds/mdf format with popstation to play on a PSP with custom firmware?

I don't know anything about popstation nor programs to convert between iso formats, but daemon tools (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/announcements.php) (free) will allow you to either mount the image in a virtual drive or burn it for you to re-rip as .iso. It might even have an option to save the mds/mdf in ISO format directly, I dont have it installed currently as a game was having a cry about it being there.

I think DVDDecrypter burns that format also.

June 26th, 2007, 22:16
NickIsCool888 ,is forbbiden discuss about PSP ISO loading, ripping and downloading in this forum .
Read the rules in this link .

Anyway... mds/mdf is propietary format and most of ISO programs will not support this format... you can simplily emulate it with Alcohol 120% and use some tool like IsoBuster (itīs free) to convert any image to .iso.

June 26th, 2007, 22:25
Sorry, I meant Dreamcast, not Genesis. I got the game into and iso but I can't get it to work...

June 26th, 2007, 22:26
There is no dreamcast emulator for PSP, why would you post this here?

June 26th, 2007, 22:44
Really, should I delete the thing that I have been trying to use for it then? Crap.

June 27th, 2007, 11:25
Well, if you want to run a Dreamcast game on your PSP then yes, you're sweet out of luck.

N64 emulation is pushing the PSP to its limits (StrmnNrmn is a bloody genius), I think the Dreamcast has 32 meg ram like the PSP so there just isnt room for the emulator overhead not to mention cpu/gpu speed.

Where did you get the idea you could run Dreamcast games on a PSP?

June 28th, 2007, 04:28
Sorry, I meant Dreamcast, not Genesis. I got the game into and iso but I can't get it to work...
Dreamcast...on PSP?:confused:
Sorry dude...I think you got fooled, it would be even worse if you payed for it.

June 28th, 2007, 13:28
Here's the Dreamcast specs:


If they're right then we'd have enough RAM for the overhead, but emulating a 128-bit 200Mhz CPU on a 32-bit 333-Mhz CPU is pretty much impossible. Even at the same CPU architecture it would be nearly impossible, when you throw in a different architecture you simply don't have the CPU cycles available. Not to mention emulating the GPU and sound systems.

Just wanted to explain it so you know that a Dreamcast emulator on the PSP will never be playable if it even happens at all. I would say to get RE on PS1 and use the PS1 EMU Sony built for us ;)