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June 28th, 2007, 06:59

I wan't real sure where to put this thread as there is no real CycloDS forum, but I have finished my CycloDS Evolution review! You can read the review from the link below and then discuss it in the comments section of the Moddz news post. This is the most detailed CycloDS Evolution review thus far, which includes high-res images, performance tests, a mini-guide, and more. Also this review provides results for the following performance tests: DS game performance, microSD memory performance, microSDHC support, DS Download Play compatibility, Clean ROM support, Slot 2 boot compatibility, Battery Life times, and more! Thanks to Team Cyclops for supplying us with the review sample.

While not revolutionary, the CycloDS Evolution takes every feature already released and makes it easier than ever thought possible. Everything about the device is clean, from the menu, to the support, and even the device itself. Team Cyclops made some impressive claims but delivered on all of them, plus some.
Read the Review (http://www.Moddz.com)

(Requires Registration, but its worth it!)

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