View Full Version : Need help with Custom XMB

July 1st, 2007, 00:01
What programs do i need to edit the XMB/ icons and where or how can i get a decrpted 3.40OE-A topmenu_plugin from???

:) Any help is much appreciated :)

July 1st, 2007, 00:47
I suspect you're running 3.40 OE-A.

Just get a 3.40 compatible theme and read the readme, readmes usually help.

Safari Al
July 1st, 2007, 01:06
here's the theme pack for 3.40 oe if you just want to use the topmenu then its there. You don't have to use the others.

To replace the topmenu, go to recovery (hold R after rebooting psp) Go to advanced and press "Toggle usb flash0" (or if its different then make sure it has "flash0" in it). Before you do anything copy all of the flash0 to another folder on your computer and Never delete it!!! Go to the VSH folder and then go to the rescorce folder. Then copy the topmenu_plugin of your choice in that folder and overwrite the old one. If there is not enough space then what i did was delete the network_update.rco. All that does is disable the action of using the network update(like you need it;) ). If you turn on your psp and it just stays black, don't panic it just wasn't compatible with the 3.40 oe topmenu. You just need to copy the topmenu_plugin from your backup and replace it in your flash0. There you go have fun and take caution:thumbup: .