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July 2nd, 2007, 05:38
I want to put all of the FFVIII Eboots onto my memory card but i cant find a way to use the ffVIII true name id that fixes the crashes on all the cd s at the same time. I also wanted to ask why i cant find the saved data on disc two from my saves on disc one(I havent beaten disk one yet tho)

July 2nd, 2007, 09:29
when you make the eboot you have to make the save whatever the same thing i found this too be easy in psx2psp

alot of "how to play psx game" tuts tell you what you need to do for multi disc games

as for the FFVIII problem i wouldn't know

TIP:hp- curaga (refine from tents)/regen toward the end
str- quake/tornado most of the game if not all of the game
vit- double/triple protect/shell/reflect-are decent and then when you get regen curaga
status/elemental junction- eliminate need for the "magic" command
GF's-Also help eliminate "magic" command and when you learn "boost" hold select during the summoning animation and press

I pretty much beat the entire game w/ little problems *nothing can help you from bad breath* *except leviathan in which my friend did not get it* with that TIP except the last sideboss *by this time I just wanted to beat the game*