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July 3rd, 2007, 00:19
Anyways here it goes In the back of you Psp there will be five screws to remove the cover.
* Note that there is a screw under the warranty sticker.*

After you remove the Faceplate Unscrew the silver screws holding on the analog stick.
Now that you have you analog off your psp Were going to clean it.

Step 1. Remove silver back plate on analog stick.
Step 2. Remove The next Tan layer.
Step 3. Use a Kleenex or a Q-tip and clean out any dust from inside the analog stick

Step 4. Reassemble the analog stick
(make sure its put together right)
Assemble your psp again

Some one posted this in a previous thread of mine

*Rotate the analog nub counter clockwise then clockwise during the cold boot*

So doing this every time you start wouldn't hurt either.

~* Also make sure that there is a little rubber thing on the psp were the analog stick should go That is the connection wires*~ (if you lose it you can make a home made set up......)


This fixed all of my problem including the 360 degree rotation and the slow moving

July 3rd, 2007, 15:45
note:. b4 voiding guarantee its a
good idea to try a hard reset first.
Just leave the battery out, & unplug the a/c adaptor for 5 mins.
this can unfreeze internal battery backed control registers.
I've fixed the analog stick , and the Dpad this way.